Swift Eyewitness Reporting Saves Lives


It can be a nerve-wrecking experience being a witness. You can either try to help victim, or call to emergency. eyeWitnez helps you go beyond this.
Frame your mind to give the right data

Witness to a theft in Bangkok? By the time the police arrive, you forget crucial details they need. With Reports, record the data quickly and be guided with right questions.    

Don't let the suspect get away

Witness a hit and run incident? Capture the car license plate and prominent features of the suspect, and pass this on easily to the officers at nearby police station.


You've been victimized. Doesn't this only happen to other people? Well, not always. Get prepared and arm yourself with eyeWitnez!
Call emergency without remembering the numbers

Staying in at a friend's home in Rio. There is a fire in the kitchen and no one's home! With Emergency, you get access to right Fire Brigade number auto-detected based on location.

You just want to be safe

Travelling to a 'High Risk' country? Activate Alert Me. Stay safe and out of the way by getting alerts from other users that there is, let's say, a bombing closeby


eyeWitnez is designed to make your life easier. The task of an enforcement officer has become even more complex as social media sets in.
Keep a watch on the alerts from the public

Stay vigilant. Tied with social networks, the alerts from the public are specific to crimes & critical events. The public provides the right data you need for crime solving.

Get the public to help prevent crimes

A member of the public sends an alert that a public unrest is brewing. You will know this fast including the profile of the person or group leading the protest. 

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